For more than thirty years, Kate Jenkins has been knitting past traditional woollen boundaries to transform yarn into playful pop-art designs intended to amuse, enliven and impress. Her world is now a magical cornucopia of creations, focusing on food and fun with each piece showcasing her trademark sense of humour and skill for transforming the everyday into a better way.

Kate’s first art exhibition, ‘Comfort Food’, was launched in her Brighton studio to storming seaside success, giving her the confidence to break out as a solo artist. Within months, fans were enjoying Kate’s crochet creations at shows in London’s Soho and Mott Street, New York City. From there, her work has travelled to art fair and gallery hotspots around the world, attracting clients from Beverly Hills to Brisbane and Hong Kong to Hull.

The last five years has seen her artworks commissioned for projects by Viking Cruises, Royal Mail and the fashion label, Anthropologie. Bespoke artworks adorn the walls of fans’ homes from Beverly Hills to Brisbane, Bahrain to Brighton, where Kate Jenkins Studio is based.