The Cameron Twins

The Cameron Twins are a collaborative artist duo of identical twins who work together in a rangeof different media including screen print, painting, collage, photography, casting, sculpture andinstallation. Their work has an overall strong and garish style using an oversaturated bright colourpalette to create a surreal quality. The vivid colours and child-like naïve aesthetic with chaoticensembles of images allows them to work playfully, exploring the ideas surrounding childhoodimagination and dreams within their art practice.These montages and prints incorporate old paintings, photographs, notes and drawings collectedfrom their own childhood belongings. The process of using these then acts as a visual conduit totheir past and childhood memories. They draw upon a shared sense of nostalgia which is thenexpressed through their practice, suggesting they are also collaborating with their past selves.The print process is a very important element of the Cameron Twins’ practice, as it allows them toexplore the idea of repetition, doubling and mirroring, which relates directly to the