We are so happy to have the amazing Daisy Emerson at East Art Gallery.
Daisy is a British artist specialising in hand painted type and lettering. She primarily uses the method of traditional sign writing and gilding to produce beautiful handcrafted words, often on luxurious materials such as polished or honed marble stone, as well as brass and lacquered wood.

Daisy has a highly distinctive lettering style combined with her signature pastel colour palette, with pink being one of the most consistently used colours in her work. More often she will also lovingly hand finish most of her pieces with gold leaf.

Her lettering style is bold, modern and slick and often highly finessed and crafted to perfection. Daisy translates much of her work into limited edition prints which are available to buy through her online shop. Most of Daisy’s large format prints are printed using traditional silkscreen with finishing touches like gold leaf, metallic inks and glitter. Her release of gold foil mini prints have proved a popular addition to her website with many of the limited editions selling out very quickly. With a strong interiors focus, Daisy creates beautiful pieces for beautiful settings.

Daisy also does a lot of work for several high end fashion and beauty brands for whom she works together doing customisation with her bespoke lettering. This has seen Daisy travel throughout Europe and the U.S.A, including Paris, Milan, New York, and Los Angeles.

Brands she has worked with include Estée Lauder, Nicholas Kirkwood, Carnaby, Michael Kors, Adidas to name a few.